Dhanu Rashifal:

Health: In year 2024 you will be happy and content. And this will keep you in good health. Your Rashi lord Jupiter will be positioned in 5th house in the first five months of the year and this may cause flu and allergic infections to you. It would be important to keep your immunity strong this year. However, the 3rd house Saturn will keep you protected from any illness. The 4th house Rahu will worsen symptoms of asthma. You should take special care of your health after May. Take nutritious and light meals. And follow a disciplined daily routine.

Financial Condition: In year 2024, your financial condition will remain strong. The 3rd house Saturn will give you good financial gains. Your earnings will be satisfactory and you will be able to save enough money. Before May, Jupiter’s aspect will fall on your Rashi and this will be lucky period for money-related matters. February and March will be particularly favourable. There might be losses on investments between May and July. Jupiter’s aspect on 12th house will increase your expenses. In the year-end, your money might be wasted on unnecessary things. So, don’t lend money or make thoughtless investments during this time.

Family and Social Life: In year 2024, you will face a lot of family-related problems. Your family may even neglect or disregard you. You won’t be on the same page with your family when it comes to money and expenses. So, maintain healthy communication with them. Despite this, favourably placed Jupiter will keep you happy and content in life. Jupiter will control Rahu’s influence in your horoscope and give you positive results in the first half of the year. Saturn will be mostly favourable for you but as it gets retrograde quarrels between brothers will increase. In such a situation, always make sensible decisions. Cough-related problems may trouble your parents in second half of the year. Your children will be obedient. Childless couples may be blessed with a baby.

Love Life: The year 2024 will be average for your marital relationship. There might be some tension in your married life at the beginning of the year. You might have a fight with your life partner or love mate in the first two months. You should maintain healthy communication in your relationship instead of getting into arguments every now and then. Your speech will be affable and this will help you in handling arguments well. The 5th house Jupiter may make your love partner dominating in your relationship. This will cause clashes and disputes. The May transit of Jupiter to your 6th house will resolve most of these issues. Venus will make you very romantic in June and July. August and September will be unfavourable for you.

Education and Career: Due to 4th house Rahu, you will spend a lot of time thinking but won’t focus on studies. You will need to pay a lot of attention to your studies this year. Rahu and Ketu will keep you in dilemma regarding your education. Those who are preparing to appear in competitive exams will need to remain focused. The time between August and October won’t be very favourable for you. The year will be favourable for those who want to go abroad for education. You will try something new and innovative in business. Import-export business will be successful. But you may not feel very happy in life due to Ketu’s influence. You will need to be dedicated and hard working to achieve success.

Suggestion: Feed barley to cow every Thursday. Chant the following Mantra regularly -

Om Namah Shivaya।

ॐ नम: शिवाय।

Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.