Kanya Rashifal:

Health: At the beginning of year 2024, Jupiter will be positioned in your 8th house. Saturn’s aspect will fall on Jupiter and this may cause stomach-related issues to you. But the 6th house Saturn will keep your immune system robust. Rahu and Ketu will also impact your Rashi and cause stomach infections. You will need to eat healthy food and workout daily to maintain good health. The May 01 transit of Jupiter to Taurus will be helpful for your health. You will get rid of many health issues. Try to follow a disciplined daily routine.

Financial Condition: In year 2024, your financial condition will remain average. You will be able to save money due to the direct influence of Jupiter on your 8th house. But your expenses will also increase. Ketu placed in your Rashi will keep you stressed. The income of IT professionals and consultants will increase. The time till May will be favourable from financial perspective. After May transit of Jupiter to Taurus your expenses will increase. You might also make big investments in your business. You might get some important job or business opportunities abroad. You will expand your investment portfolio to increase your assets.

Family and Social Life: The aspect of Jupiter on your 2nd and 4th house will keep everything fine in your family. The 8th house placement of Jupiter will be favourable for your family members as well. But the placement of 4th lord in your 8th house till May can cause health-related issues to your mother. If your mother suffers from diabetes and blood pressure related problems then take extra care of her health. Relationship between siblings may be stressful between January and March. There might some problems in the education and career of your children. But the aspect of Jupiter on your 5th house will resolve children-related problems soon.

Love Life: In year 2024, your married life will remain pleasurable. You will be loyal in your love relationship. You may propose to your loved one at the beginning of the year. Jupiter’s aspect on your 7th house will be favourable for marriage. You will spend enough time with your life partner. In March and October, you will frequently have serious fights with your partner. Don’t use aggressive language or violence in any situation. After Jupiter’s transit to Taurus you may go on holidays with your partner and this will add new spark in your relationship. Your in-laws may face a lot of troubles when Saturn gets retrograde.

Education and Career: In year 2024, you will not face any major problems in your education. Jupiter’s aspect on your 4th house will resolve any issue that you might face in your education. There will be good profits in businesses associated with law, management and hotel industry. You will perform well in your studies between February and April. You will get excellent results in your exams due to favourably placed Mercury. But the transit of Ketu and Rahu in your ascendant and 7th house will cause some problems in your career and education. Your enemies will increase at workplace. The year is not favourable for people working abroad.

Suggestion: It would be beneficial to offer barley in flowing water every Saturday. You must worship Lord Shiva this year.

Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.