Kumbha Rashifal

Health: The year 2024 won’t be very favourable from health perspective. The 2nd house Rahu may cause throat-related ailments. Unhygienic and unhealthy food will cause infections and mouth ulcers. If you consume alcohol and tobacco products then remain very careful about your health this year. And if possible you should give up all sorts of intoxications. The position of Saturn will be responsible for pain in legs and knees. Perform Yoga and meditation to alleviate stress. You can also take Ayurvedic medicines. The transit of Jupiter to 4th house will be good for your health.

Financial Condition: Your earnings capacity will increase this year. And there are strong chances of financial gains. Jupiter will have its aspects on 9th and 11th houses, and this will increase your business revenue. But you may waste your money on unnecessary things. You might incur losses from your investments in cryptocurrency and other virtual assets. You should consult with a financial expert before making any big investment this year. Keep your important documents with safety. Your seemingly little mistake may lead to big financial losses. Rahu in 2nd house will mislead you about investments. The time between August and November will be favourable from financial perspective.

Family and Social Life: In year 2024, Saturn will heavily influence your Rashi and this will give you both positive and negative results in your life. Jupiter will influence 3rd at the beginning of the year. This will cause some ups and downs in your siblings’ life. Rahu will be positioned in 2nd house in a water sign, and this will negatively impact the health of some family member. Your relationships will suffer due to lack of healthy communication. Fakeness in relationships will lead to fights and misunderstandings. So, be true to yourself and your loved ones. The time post July will be favourable for your social life.

Love Life: Your love partner will deeply love you. This will give you inner happiness. The first three months won’t be favourable for getting married or developing new love relationship. Your life partner’s health will improve after Jupiter’s transit to 4th house. This year, you should be caring and loving to your life partner. They might face various health issues at the beginning of the year. Don’t shirk from your responsibilities. February and July won’t be favourable for your life partner.

Education and Career: Young children may face some problems in their studies this year. The year may be full of challenges for those associated with technical education. You might get distracted from your goals. April and August will be unfavourable for your studies. But after May transit of Jupiter, there will be good improvement in your academic performance. Due to Saturn’s aspect on 10th house you will remain focused on your work. Saturn will also motivate you to move forward in your career. You might also get new job offers at the beginning of the year.

Suggestion: Offer a coconut in a Shiva temple every Monday and perform Abhishekam of Shivalingam with milk.

Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.