Mesha Rashifal:

Health: In year 2024, Rahu will directly influence 12th house from your Rashi. Due to this, you may come down with seasonal diseases. If you are not suffering from any illness then remain extra careful about your health this year. You may suddenly need medical attention due to Rahu. However, Jupiter will keep you in positive state of mind. You may have some health issues right at the beginning of the year. The position of Jupiter in 2nd house from your Rashi after May 1 will aggravate cough-related problems. If you have any doubts about an illness then consult with a good doctor and don’t hesitate in getting important tests done. The eclipse in April may give you serious stomach infection. So, be very careful about your health.

Financial Condition: This year, you may plan to make some financial investments. There might be huge profits from share market and speculation. Saturn will keep your income floating. Saturn may also influence you to purchase some electronic equipment. Those preparing for a new job may get a salary hike after March. Your expenses may suddenly increase due to 12th house Rahu. So, be careful if you are lending money to anyone. Medical expenses will increase your budget. Youngsters may invest money in unlawful schemes.

Family and Social Life: In year 2024, Rahu will be placed in the 12th house from your Rashi. Due to the effect of Jupiter’s transit in your zodiac sign, your social circle will be good this year. You might do some planning for your children. The 5th aspect of Jupiter will make your children obedient. They will perform well in their studies and achieve success. But you will have to keep a close watch on their friendship circle after August. The favourably placed Jupiter will be good for your family life. The year will be good for your family members from a career and financial perspective. Take care of your mother’s health between April and June.

Love Life: The beginning of the year will be favourable for your love relationship. You will be very romantic till April. People of opposite sex will be attracted to you. Unmarried male natives may get into a new relationship. The time till April will be favourable for marriage-related matters also. Your strong marital relationship will keep you happy. But your life partner may have some serious health issues in the mid year. You will have misunderstandings and disputes with your life partner in October.

Education and Career: In year 2024, Jupiter will have its 5th aspect on the 5th house from your Rashi, this will resolve your education-related problems and hindrances. The year will be highly favourable for your higher education and will give you desired results. The time till May will be favourable for those preparing for competitive exams. Remain careful if you are seeking education or career opportunities abroad as you might be cheated. The months of June and July will be unfavourable.

Suggestion: You should recite Durga Chalisa daily. Feed Chapati to black cow on Saturdays.


Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.