Mithuna Rashifal:

Health: In year 2024, you shouldn’t be careless about your health. Rahu and Ketu will be positioned in 10th and 4th house the entire year and due to this lifestyle diseases will trouble you. You might fall sick in March. Those who were diagnosed with COVID-19 may develop some serious lung infections. Leg pain may trouble you at the year end. You might complain of stomachache in September. You should perform Yoga and exercise regularly. Seek proper medical treatment if you suffer from any chronic disease. Some old disease may re-emerge due to Jupiter’s transit to Taurus.

Financial Condition: The year 2024 will begin on a positive note from financial perspective. Better revenue in business will keep you happy. You will get handsome returns on your past investments and share market. The aspect of Saturn on Jupiter will ensure salary hike as well as promotion. The time between January and May will be most favourable for money and finances. Your expenses may increase after Jupiter’s transit to Taurus in May. You might also make big investments in business. You may get important job or business opportunities abroad. You will invest money to increase your assets.

Family and Social Life: This year, you will socialise more to strengthen your relationships. You will be worried about your respect and reputation. The health of a family member will also be a matter of concern. There might be some problems in your family in the month of March. The health of your parents will also keep you worried. The time till March will be favourable for your children. You might plan to buy a new house. But it won’t be an easy thing to do, you might face challenges. After June, you will get success. There might be property disputes in your family. The next solar eclipse to be occurred in October will negatively impact the health of your mother.

Love Life: In year 2024, your married life will remain pleasurable. You will be loyal in your love relationship. You might propose to your loved one at the beginning of the year. Jupiter’s aspect on 7th house will be favourable for marriage-related matters. You will spend enough time with your life partner. In March and October, you might have serious fights with your partner. In such situations, you must not get violent or say hurtful things to your partner. After Jupiter’s transit to Taurus you may plan to go on a vacation with your partner. This will add a new spark in your relationship. Your in-laws may face a lot of troubles after Saturn gets retrograde.

Education and Career: The year 2024 will be lucky from career’s perspective. The favourably placed Jupiter will help you achieve big success in your education. You will get good results in your higher education at the beginning of the year. You will be able to arrange funds to start new business. Finance-related matters will resolve successfully. Administrative and management professionals will achieve great recognition for their work. The transit of Jupiter to Taurus will give you job opportunities abroad. But after Saturn gets retrograde in June, your ongoing work will be hindered.

Suggestion: Light a Ghee Deepak in Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday. Perform Ram Bhajan and Kirtan.



Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.