Simha Rashifal:

Health: The year 2024 might be unexpected from health perspective. The eighth house Rahu suggests some sudden illnesses. However, the time till April will remain good due to Jupiter’s aspect. But after Jupiter’s transit to Taurus and Saturn getting retrograde your health-related troubles may increase. Your habit of taking viral infections for granted may lead to some serious health issues. You should get your routine checkup done regularly. Take healthy and balanced diet. Pay attention to the quality and hygiene of your food.

Financial Condition: This year, your savings may decrease. Business situation will be tumultuous. And this may also mean financial losses at some instances. The 2nd house position of Ketu will make you uncomfortable with expenses. However, Saturn will keep motivating you to invest money in business. But the 10th house Jupiter may increase your business expenses exorbitantly. Between June and August, you may have excellent financial gains from real estate and share market due to favourably placed Venus.

Family and Social Life: In year 2024, you should take special care of your family members. The position of Ketu might cause discord in your family. So, be very careful at the beginning of the year. The time till May will be unfavourable for your father. Take good care of his health. However, after Jupiter’s transit your family problems will slowly go away. Your parents will be very supportive of you. Hindrances coming in your children’s marriage will go away. Don’t speak harshly with anyone and this will save you from many troubles.

Love Life: In year 2024, you will expect to experience true love in life. You may also expect the same from your lover or life partner. But the 8th house Rahu and the 7th house Saturn will keep this pleasure away from you at many instances. Don’t compare your partner with others. You will need to have mutual understanding and patience to develop a meaningful relationship. Post July the time will be favourable for new love relationship. You might go on vacation with your love partner. This will add a new spark in your relationship. Maintain cordial relationships with your in-laws, otherwise it will impact your family life negatively.

Education and Career: The year of 2024 will remain favourable for working professionals. Undergraduate students may get good jobs. But students will need to remain focused on their studies. The time between January and May will be particularly favourable for you. The transit of Jupiter to Taurus indicates tough times from business perspective. Those associated with manufacturing-related business may earn huge profits. However, the year is not favourable for making new business partnerships. You may be cheated or deceived due to the position of Rahu. You should be extra careful in the last three months of the year.

Suggestion: Light an oil Deepak in Goddess Kali temple every Saturday and offer a lemon garland.

Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.