Tula Rashifal:

Health: In year 2024, your health will be average. The 6th house Rahu will help you boost your immunity. But you may come down with infectious diseases due to Rahu in Pisces and Jupiter. This will also keep you stressed. You should visit a good doctor to consult about your health issues. You might follow a balanced diet plan and perform Yoga and Pranayama to remain active and energetic. Stomach-related issues may trouble you in the first three months of the year. Saturn will have a direct aspect on 6th house lord and this indicates onset of respiratory diseases. After May transit of Jupiter in 8th house you will get rid of your health issues. But you must follow a disciplined daily routine the entire year.

Financial Condition: The year 2024 will begin on a positive note. You may make some big decisions due to 7th house Jupiter in your horoscope. You might inherit ancestral property. But the year won’t be very favourable to make financial investments. The months of March, May, August and November will be most favourable for you. You may be benefited from government schemes. You may think about investing money in real estate for your future. Entrepreneurs may be contacted by big investors who will show willingness to invest in their businesses.

Family and Social Life: There will be good understanding and cooperation in your family. Your family will be very impressed with you due the aspect of Saturn on your 2nd house. After April, your family may conduct some big religious events. You should be extra careful about the medicines of your mother due the aspect of Ketu on 4th house. You should learn to speak sensibly in every situation. The time post May will be unfavourable for your siblings. In March and after July you will face some children-related problems.

Love Life: The beginning of the year will be favourable for unmarried love partners. You may receive expensive gifts from your partner. Your family will be supportive of your love marriage. But February and March won’t be very favourable. You will be very caring towards your partner due to Saturn’s placement. And this will increase love and happiness in your married life. However, the aspect of conjunct Mars and Saturn will impact your 7th house but you won’t face any major issue in your marriage due to favourably placed Jupiter. January, March and time from July to October will be favourable for you.

Education and Career: The year 2024 will be favourable for people associated with technical education. You may achieve new heights of success in your career. You will rapidly expand your business. January, March and April will be most favourable for you. But you might face some losses between May and October. Don’t make big investments in the first half of the year. You might come into contact with some prominent person in the first three months. And this will help you get some big proposals in your work or business. November and December will be most favourable for you.

Suggestion: Light a Ghee Deepak in Hanuman temple every Tuesday and daily recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.