Vrishabha Rashifal:

Health: The beginning of the year 2024 won’t be very favourable from health perspective. Women natives might have thyroid-related problems. So, take balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. Jupiter’s aspect on 6th house may cause an old disease to re-emerge. Avoid being careless about your illnesses and health issues. It would be important for you to perform Pranayama and maintain a disciplined daily routine. Your health will remain good after October. August and September will be unfavourable for heart patients. Be careful while you drive during this time.

Financial Condition: The year 2024 will be favourable for your financial condition. The position of Rahu in 11th house will keep your income steady. Your past investments will give you handsome returns. You might plan to invest big amount of money in real estate. There might be disputes regarding ancestral property. In February and March such issues may occur. Your expenses may suddenly increase after May. Too much dependence on share market won’t be good for you. You will face financial troubles at many instances in the second half of the year.

Family and Social Life: This year, you should be very careful about the health of your family members. There are chances of discord in your family. Outsiders will try to break the unity of your family. Your family may not understand your feelings. In such a situation, you must show a good sense of patience and tolerance. Avoid making new friends this year. The year end will be more favourable if you are trying to conceive. Solve property disputes with a sensible approach.

Love Life: In year 2024, your marital relationship will be normal. The 10th aspect of Saturn will fall on 7th house from your Rashi and this will create problems in your marriage. The aspect of Rahu will negatively impact your mutual trust. But your romantic nature will keep your marital relationship pleasurable. You may also get into extramarital affairs. So, maintain transparency in your relationship. Frequent fights with love partner in the first half of the year might break your relationship. But the transit of Jupiter in Taurus will bring your relationship on tracks again.

Education and Career: This year, you can achieve excellent success in your career by working hard. You might try to bring some important changes in your business. Salary hike will boost your confidence. The position of Rahu will be highly beneficial for your business. You will be loyal and dedicated to your work. You may also get professional success through foreign sources. There might be good profits in manufacturing-related business. High-ranking officers will greatly respect you. There might be frequent business and job-related trips this year. Retrograde Saturn in the second half of the year may slowdown your business.

Suggestion: Feed barley to cow on every Thursday. Chant 1 Mala of the following Mantra daily -

Om Namah Shivaya।

ॐ नम: शिवाय।



Rashifal expert of Bajantri Services wishes you a very great year ahead.